Atami is a place to experience multiple  adventures surrounded by a unique natural  environment. These include access to the beach, surfing and  surfboard rental, big waves (seawater pools), bird watching, water sliding, walking on the cliffs, sunrise and sunset.

One hour sessions with personal trainer at Playa El  Palmarcito, includes surf board  and  equipment.

El Palmarcito Beach, located next to the resort, is ideal to freely practice the “sport of the waves”. Board rental is on an hourly or daily basis.

Take a two-hour tour along our scenic boardwalk, Atami beach and caves in the cliff. You will be able to discover a diversity of marine species such as sea urchins, lobsters, colorful crabs.

Our 90 meter long slide provides an explosion of adrenaline as you glide amid rocks and tropical trees, overlooking the sea. Suitable for both children and adults.

A unique attraction of Atami Escape Resort. Located on the scenic waterfront, and cut between the cliffs our three spectacular saltwater pools, filled by the waves that hit the cliff, are unique in its kind.  Our pools are safely designed for you to relax at low tide and have fun under the waves as they fill during the high tide (Big wave).

 A variety of birds including pelicans, white-winged doves, parrots, herons, chiltotas, magpies,  guacalchías, hummingbirds, gulls, among others, live within the natural environment of the resort.

As you stroll through our trails, watching Maquilishuat, Madre Cacao, ceibas, crotos, Coconut and  other fruit trees, along with beautiful orchid will add an interesting element to stay.

At certain times of the year, whale watching is possible from the cliffs that surround the resort and, from our viewpoint you can watch whales swim and if you approach the cliffs off Atami beach, you'll find everything from sea urchins to fish of different types of fish.

Thanks to its strategic location in the Salvadoran coast, Atami is the perfect place to enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets. This can be done from our waterfront, the gardens, the cliffs, the beaches, all a few feet away from your room.



Atami Escape Resort
Km.49, Carretera del Litoral, Tamanique La Libertad, El Salvador
+503 2314-4610 / 2223-9000.


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